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Monday Update: And We’re Off!

It’s Monday and I’m back at work after an out-patient oral surgery last Thursday.  If you read something weird it’s because I’m high on ibuprofen. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

It’s also June and I have my weekends back! The last four months or so have been filled with my weekend commitment performing at the Scarborough Renaissance Festival.  Being part of the Scarborough Academy of Performing Arts is equal parts rewarding and time-demanding. I love the people and I love performing and entertaining guests.  It’s a place where I created a hilarious and outgoing character and am able to act and react to some very fun situations.

This year I was even able to participate some stage performances as well. I hammed it up numerous times during the Scottish Court show, showing off how great Germans are, demonstrating various renditions of the Kluken Danze (chicken dance), giving out goody bags for the Bonnie Knees contest winners, and demonstrating the various Scottish- and German-themed yoga poses.  In addition, I was given the opportunity to perform improv with the Motley Players Improv Comedy Troupe during their 12:30 shows Saturday and Sunday of the final weekend. It was a life-long dream come true, and I am still high as a kite thinking back on it. The best part? I didn’t die and I even managed to make people laugh!

And now the festival is over and will soon be put to rest.  My bowling leagues are ended for the season and I have the summer off on everything but work.  What’s a girl to do?

Write, that’s what! Now is the time to work on the craft of writing.  My particular challenge is in the editing process; but now that it’s been too long to mention since I last wrote a story, I need to work on refining my writing process overall.

What all of this means is I have a goal to write a short story, edit and revise it and post the completed story here for all to read. The frequency of my writing may start off slow, but my goal is to work out the muscle often enough that it gets easier with time.  That’s what all the books I’ve read about writing invariably come back to each time.

In between short story posts, I’ll also post Monday Updates to keep everyone apprised of my progress and also allow me to share some insights as I work through it all.  Your feedback, while not necessary is highly encouraged. Let’s face it, I’m a performer so it stands to reason that I work well given enough external validation.

With all of that said, I would like to extend a welcome to my new website and blog. Content is sparse but not for long so stay tuned as I write a story every week or two, and a Monday Update each week.

And that my friends is what I’ll be working on now that summer is here. What are some of the things you’re going to be filling your summer with?

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