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Weekly Update: A Road to Nostalgia

Have you ever found something from your past that you completely forgot about? I found out I am a hoarder of thoughts and ideas.  I’m so glad our technology has steadily improved because now I can store all of my collection into one place.

I recently found a notebook – one of many – that had a lot of notes scribbled from the time I went to the DFW Writer’s Conference to pitch a book I had written.


And while the actual book pitch ended up being an incredible and fun experience, alas nothing came of it.  It will always be a wonderful memory of mine to say I had the guts to pitch a book to an agent and won her interest.

Ten years have gone by and now I find this notebook and all the memory it contains.  I was reminded of some projects I was working on at that time and now the itch is coming back to pick up where I left off.


It is about time I go through my stuff and digitize it all and compile it in one place.  Like a lot of writers I know, I stopped writing long-hand and prefer to type it all on my writing app, Scrivener. However, there are times when I catch a snag and find that writing long-hand really helps unravel my thoughts.

The physical act of writing with a pencil and paper can also sometimes be soothing. As a knitter and crocheter, I completely understand the draw to tactile sensory activities. They help me focus.


There are plenty of times when I would take my knitting or crochet project to bowling with me.  I know that sounds a bit silly to knit in between bowling, but it truly helped me focus and not let myself get too worked up on the frustration of a bad frame.

And now as I return to my writing, I feel renewed and refreshed.  Finding my old notebooks have made me discover a truth that I never thought was possible: I never stopped dreaming. My writing was merely lying in wait for the day I was ready to pick it back up.  I have this post to thank for explaining more succinctly what happened to my creativity when I shelved it to deal with life.

I’ve got quite a lot of work ahead of me! There’s two rooms I need to sort through at the house and spruce up.  I hope to turn one of them into an office.  For now, though I have the exciting chore of gathering up all my written notes and begin correlating them into my hard drive.  I can’t wait to see what more memories I stir up in the process.

What is your chosen mode of writing? How many notebooks of your past works do you have in your secret stash?

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  1. I legit just went through my notebooks and writing pads from when I was in high school and I realized I need to rekindle that love for writing and for that reason I’m back to blogging full force!


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